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glazier n : someone who cuts flat glass to size [syn: glass cutter, glass-cutter, glassworker, glazer]

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-er glaze


  • a UK /ˈgleɪz.jə(ɹ)/|/ˈgleɪz.i.ə(ɹ)/, /"gleIz.j@(r)/|/"gleIz.i.@(r)/


  1. one who glazes; a craftsman who works with glass, fitting windows, etc.


craftsman who works with glass, fitting windows, etc

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expert-subject architecture A Glazier is a construction professional that selects, cuts, installs, replaces, and removes residential, commercial, and artistic glass. Glaziers also install aluminum storefront frames and entrances, glass handrails and balustrades, shower enclosures, curtain wall framing and glass and mirror walls.
An apprentice glazier can work on both commercial job sites and residential ones. It takes approximately four years for an apprentice to complete his on-the-job training and schooling. After filing qualifications, an apprentice becomes a journeyman glazier and is qualified for work on commercial and industrial glazing jobs. A combo glazier works on specifically residential job sites, usually installing retro-fit (replacement) windows into homes.
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